About Cumbernauld Weather

This page gives a brief history of how Cumbernauld Weather was started. Station details can be found Here
Scanner and Vantage Pro2
I have always had an interest in the weather, reading many books and being an associate RMets member. After the big freeze in the winter of 2009/2010 seeing thermometers drop to -15, I fealt the need to buy a weather station to obtain accurate readings. In March 2010 I bought an Oregon Scientific WMR88 wireless weather station which included an anemometer (wind gauge) mounted above roof level, and wireless sensors. I initially run the station for personal use, but later decided to use bundled software to upload the data to a website, so in July 2010 Cumbernauld Weather went online. Initially it was just one web page that was auto generated by the bundled software. In January 2011 I bought licences to use Weather Display, and Weather Display live which greatly improved the look and controllability of what information was displayed. I noticed that even though it was just a single live data page, the number of visitors was increasing so I decided to buy web hosting and migrate the site from my ISP free web space, to the new server which gave me many more options for expanding the site. In July 2011 the new improved website went online.
FARS shield an rain guage The weather station received data from the sensors every 2 minutes, and every 56 seconds from the anemometer, which seemed satisfactory, but when we had the gales in June 2011, I saw that a 56 second update from the anemometer meant that high gust speeds were being missed. I decided to upgrade to the Oregon Scientific WMR200 which has an anomometer that updates every 14 seconds. This seemed to be doing a great job, but when the Storms of January 2012 arrived, again the anemometer seemed to be missing some of the high gust speeds. Because I strive for accuracy and detail, I wasn't happy that data was being missed so after consulting with professional meteorologists I decided to buy a Davis Vantage PRO2 plus FARS (Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield) Anemometer The data from all the Vantage Pro2 sensors is updated every 10 to 20 Seconds from temperature, UV, and humidity sensors, and every 2.5 seconds from the Anemometer. This has proved to be satisfactory and accurate for capturing reliable data after comparing data to local Met Office sensors. In June 2012 I built a QFH antenna to recieve satellite images using an AOR8200 scanner and WXtoIMG software, but then upgraded to a dedicated satellite receiver for better images. I now receive and decode satellite images about 12 times per day (6 passes at night and 6 passes midday) which are then automaticly processed uploaded to the website.
I'm pleased you have visited the site and hope the content is of interest to you.
If you have any suggestions or spot any errors or bugs, please let me know.
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Paul (Cumbernauld Weather Administrator)